Monday, March 27, 2017

Moving Out and Coping Stuff

My son and his wife, and my wife and I all worked on packing up our belongings and moving them into storage containers in town.  We four adults worked from 3/25 to 3/27.

We how have 18 days before we must move out of our home in Red Bluff.  We live at this home, on five acres of rural property, from 1998-2017.  

We have made good progress on the overall task of preparing to move to Vancouver, WA.

Updated Chapter 1 of my webpage on the Tao Te Ching.  I try to update one Daodejing Verse/Chapter each week.

My home library (VSCL) is all packed up and in storage.  
I've used my Kindle a bit more lately.  

My Kindle reading list right now includes:

The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt
Finding Flow by Mihaly Cstkszen....
Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth  compilation
The Backpacker's Handbook

However, lately, I just don't have much time for much reading.  

I am following the Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team out of the San Francisco Bay area.  They have a very good win streak going, and beat the Memphis Grizzles on Sunday.  The Warriors will be even more competitive in the upcoming playoffs (only 9 games to go in the regular season), if Kevin Durant can return in three weeks.  

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