Sunday, October 06, 2019

Klickitat River Day Trip

Today, Karen and I drove east from Portland to The Dalles (91 miles) along the Columbia River on Interstate 84, then north to Goldendale, then southwest for 34 miles down Route 142 along the Klickitat River to Kyle, then back home 68 miles from Hood River to Vancouver on I 84.

From Troutdale, Oregon, to The Dalles, Oregon, Interstate 84 travels along the south side of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.  The Interstate follows closely by the river the entire distance.  Very dramatic views along the Columbia River Gorge. 

A beautiful clear day with great views of the Cascades and the Columbia and Klickitat river canyons.  The Klickitat is designated a Wild and Scenic River.  In places, the canyon was quite rugged and steep.

[Note: We did not take any of the photographs displayed below.]


  1. I tried to follow your route but for the life of me could not find Kyle, Washington. I kept putting it into Google Maps with no result. Only days after the journey it occurred to me to check on the spelling. Should have been Lyle.

  2. Beautiful day trip. Dramatic scenery out of Goldendale driving west, then dropping down a one lane road into the river canyon.