Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Deer Raises Its Antlers

"To learn and practice “Deer Show”, it is indispensable to understand the fitness functions of it. In the first place, it can strengthen the waist and kidney. The traditional Chinese medicine claims that the Du meridian has close relationship with brain, marrow and kidney, which can prevent from the pathological changes for the above three organs. By means of turning waist as well as twisting coccygeal end, it is conductive to clear the meridians, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the exchange of congenital and acquired blood. All the above functions can control and prevent from the symptoms such as waist virtual cold, pain, enuresis and diarrhea, exert a strong efficacy of kidney. In the second place, it can play the role of arousing the Yang-Energy. By means of gravity moving backward, the whole spine bending, the coccygeal end folder, Ming Men protruding backward, clearing the Da Zhui to raise the Yang-Energy. Furthermore, it is positive to promote the blood transmission to the body meridians, nourishing the body from top to bottom, from inside to outside, so that it can contribute greatly to restore normal physiological and psychological functions. In the third place, it can fully rotate the spine, enhance muscle strength and prevent from the disorders of waist. The arms with the state of internal rotation, the shoulder and back muscles with the state of free stretch, can exert favorable effects on preventing from the neck and shoulder syndromes."
-   Connotations of “Deer Show” of Wu Qin Xi,  Chinese Health Qigong Association 

Five Animal Frolics Qigong   Hypertext research notebooks of Mike Garofalo.

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