Monday, May 22, 2017

Developing Essential Skills in Taijiquan

"When asked what I consider the five most important skills for a beginner student in Taijiquan, I listed them as:
Fang Song – Loosen the body by relaxing the joints
Peng Jing – an outward supportive strength, the basic skill of taiji
Ding Jing – upright and straight
Chen – rooted
Chan Si Jing – Reeling Silk Skill"
- By Chen Taijiquan Master Wang Hi Jun in Tai Chi Forum

Mike Garofalo created the following webpages to discuss these important concepts and skills (Jin) and to provide links and references to additional resources on the subject:
Fan Song   Relaxed, Loose, Open, Yielding, Free, Responsive, Effortless

Jin (Chin, Jing)   Skilled use of energy, coordinated and focused engagement using muscular force, trained movement responses, skillful use of interactive powers and forces, energies, powers, skills, martial arts skills and training energy.  These are possible mind-body skills created and realized after years of dedicated training (Gong).  The overall benefits to health and well being go far beyond martial arts applications.  

Often mentioned as Taijiquan Jins (trained movement responses, energetic skills) are Wardoff (Peng), Rollback (Lu), Press (Ji), Push (An), Pull Down (Tsai) Split (Leih), Elbow (Chou), Shoulder (Kao), etc.  Sometimes, these are referred to as the Thirteen Postures or Eight Gates.  

Ding Jing   Central Equilibrium, Upright and Straight, Gravity Powers, Vertical Forces

Chen   Rooting, Grounding, Stabilizing, Sinking, Balancing

Chan Si Jing   Silk Reeling Exercises and Skills  

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