Friday, June 09, 2017

Buddhist Understanding and Advice

Dharmapada Sutra

Verse 245 (18:245)
245. Life seems hard for one who ever seeks purity, is detached and humble, is pure and reflective. Narada 1959

245. But life is hard to live for a modest man, who always looks for what is pure, who is disinterested, quiet, spotless, and intelligent. Muller 1881

245. Life is hard for the modest, the lover of purity, the disinterested and simple and clean, the man of insight. Wagiswara 1912

Verse 24 (2:24) (II:24) 

The glory groweth Of one who is aroused and recollecting. Clean of deed, considerate in his doing. Restrained, righteous in life, and earnest.
- Edmunds 1902

Great grows the glory of him who is zealous in meditation, whose actions are pure and deliberate, whose life is calm and righteous and
full of vigor.   - Wagiswara 1912

The man who is strenuous, mindful, of pure conduct, and careful, who restrains himself, who acts after due deliberations and practices
Right Livelihood, becomes famous.   - Jung 2009

Energetic, alert, pure in deed, careful in action, self-controlled, living in accord with truth, the vigilant one will rise in repute.   - Cleary 1994

One who is energetic, mindful, pure in deed, considerate, self-controlled, right living shall arise in glory.   - Narada 1959

For the person of energy, thoughtfulness,
pure conduct, considerate action,
restraint, wholesome living, and diligence,
glory increases.   - Wallis 2007

If an earnest person has roused himself, if he is not forgetful, if his deeds are pure, if he acts with consideration, if he restrains himself,
and lives according to law, then his glory will increase.
- Muller 1881



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