Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Wisdom of Sifu Patrick Kelly

I recommend that you take a look at Sifu Patrick Kelly's webpage. He teaches in Auckland, New Zealand.

"True Taiji Practice is not limited. It is open to all spheres of life while remaining centred on the refinement of inner spiritual essence. Taiji (Tai Chi), the Supreme Ultimate, is in practice what the 'Dao de Jing' (Tao Te Ching) expresses in principle. These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth. The universal principles and the method for bringing ourselves into harmony with them could be called the worldwideway, but are really beyond any name. True Taiji is an evolving connection to that.

The great purpose of Taiji is the great purpose of life itself - Spiritual Evolution. Named 'Emptiness, Immortality or Enlightenment' by the Daoists and Buddhists, 'Self Realisation' by the Yogis, 'To Awaken and Merge with the Source' by the Middle Eastern Gnostics and Western Mystics. All people come on to the Earth with this purpose, but most quickly forget why they are here. Once enmeshed in the outer physical world their whole life serves merely the survival of the body (which includes the brain). The great physical and social edifices of human society, intended as forms within which humanity may evolve, become prisons. Many dream of a way out but few find the practical path to freedom.

Individual conscious perfection exists in potential as a spark within every human being. There is a pressure from within and without to develop this possibility. The forces maintaining the universe are complex and the reasons for many things in life unclear. Why do some struggle to realise their inner potential while others dissipate it through a life of ignorance, weakness and neglect? For those who sadly allow this spark to fade there is little individual hope, though their life and death still contribute to the general evolution of humankind. For those who actively choose inner growth there appears the question of the 'Path' or 'Way'.

True Taiji training begins with the physical, then centres itself within the 3 levels of the Deep Mind, while aspiring towards the Beyond and the final realisation of freedom from those 3 worlds of human existence. Ideally this aspiration towards the Beyond (which admits the first ray of light from the Divine Self) exists from the first moments of training, but if not then true training will gradually align the inner motives and intentions, hidden within the Deep Mind of all people, towards the Beyond, inducing this aspiration to appear. Without that aspiration the results of the training will be subverted by the ego - which has a presence on each of the 3 internal levels. True Taiji training methods change and evolve as each person reaches out for, connects with, merges into, then finally fully and naturally expresses the Beyond back into the 3 worlds of human existence. At this advanced stage, all methods disappear and life itself becomes the highest training ground."

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