Monday, January 21, 2019

Powell's Bookstore Trip

Today, my daughter took me to Powell's Bookstore in downtown Portland.  She drove us in her Honda Pilot SUV.  We also enjoyed lunch together at Chiotle's in Vancouver on 78th and Highway 99W.  

We lived for 18 years in Red Bluff, California, at Kilkenny Lane and 99W.  Now, we live in the Orchards area of northeast Vancouver (98662).  We live about 5 miles east of Interstate 5 and Highway 99W.  Highway 99 goes from San Diego to Canada, through many cities, and was built way back in the 1920's.  In the 1950's and 1960's, Interstate 5 was constructed basically using the Highway 99 route through the mountain passes and hilly areas for north-south travel.  Highway 99 W (West) or Highway 99 E (East) are now two or four lane business routes between cities on either side of Interstate 5. Karen and I have travelled Interstate 5 and Highway 99 many times.  

We went in a group to Powell's Bookstore.  Alicia, Karen, Katelyn, Makenna, Casey, and I. 

Everyone purchased some book or other object at Powell's Bookstore.  They also have a cafe there.  

I purchased books on travel in the Gorge, and a Lewis and Clark history book. 

"Powell’s City of Books is the largest used and new bookstore in the world, occupying an entire city block and housing approximately one million books. Located in downtown Portland’s Pearl District, the City of Books has nine color-coded rooms and over 3,500 different sections, offering something for every interest, including an incredible selection of out-of-print and hard-to-find titles. Dozens of acclaimed writers, artists, and thinkers visit each month to read in the Basil Hallward Gallery (located upstairs in the Pearl Room), and a one-of-a-kind Rare Book Room draws bibliophiles from near and far to browse an impressive collection of autographed first editions and other collectible volumes."

Powell's Books City of Books on Burnside

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