Friday, July 10, 2020

Traveled to Pacific City

Karen and I drove to Pacific City on Thursday, July 2.  We drove on I 5 south to Albany, then OSU-Corvalis, then west on Route 20 to Newport, then north on Route 101 to Lincoln City.

We ate crepes for breakfast at Elmers, lunch in Newport, and dinner in Pacific City.   We wore our masks, and kept social distancing.

The coastal mountains have lush vegetation.  We stayed at a large house in Pacific City, with a forest in our backyard.  Alicia, Sean, Katelyn, and Makenna shared the weekend with us.  Lots of cars, people, and fireworks noise over a busy July 4th weekend.

We returned to Portland on July 5. We drove along the Wilson River from Tillamook, Route 6 to Freeway Route 26 into Portland. 

Locals and people from all over the world who visit Pacific City ... Pacific City, Oregon - Woody on Beach (9x12 Fine Art ...

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