Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hands Off

 "And now what is the result of all these considerations and quotations?  It is negative in one sense, but positive in another.  It absolutely forbids us to be forward in pronouncing on the meaninglessness of forms of existence other than our own; and it commands us to tolerate, respect and indulge those whom we see harmlessly interested and happy in their own ways, however unintelligible these may be to us.  Hands off: neither the whole of truth, nor the whole of good, is revealed to any single observer, although each observer gains a partial superior insight for the peculiar position in which he stands.  Even prisons and sick rooms have their special revelations.  It is enough to ask of each of us that he should be faithful to his own opportunities and make the most of his own blessings, without presuming to regulate the rest of the vast field."
-  William James, On a Certain Blindness, 1891

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