Saturday, January 27, 2018

Corning Union Elementary School District Employment

I was employed part-time for the Corning Union Elementary School District from 1999 until July of 2016; 17 years.  

I worked during the academic school year (August to June) for 119 days each year; normally, 3 days for 8 hours per day each week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  My schedule was flexible, and I earned overtime on many occasions.  I had unpaid vacation for a week around Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, one week in February, one week at Easter, and most of the summer from June 2 to August 15.  

From 1999-2005, I was employed in a certificated position as the District Librarian.  I managed five elementary school libraries, textbooks, and computer labs.   I took two elementary education credential classes per semester at California State University at Chico during this period, so as to keep the certificated position. 

From 2006-1916, I was employed in a classified management position as the Technology and Media Services Supervisor.  I managed five school libraries, computer labs, and textbooks and consumables for 2,300 students in grades K-8.  I also wrote many grants, and did the budget management for grants totaling $4.2 million to this district.  I was also a certified substitute teacher during this period.  We opened four new libraries in this district during my tenure there.  My office was at the Maywood Middle School Library.  

Technology, Media, and Libraries Services Group
Donna, Maria, Christina, Jeanie, Jackie, and Mike in 2014

Many classes visited our five school libraries each week

Karen and a Special Education Class of students

Children Everywhere All the Time

We managed over a dozen computer labs in five schools

Our service group had many behind the scenes storage areas

Working on textbooks for 2,300 students

Student Library Volunteers

Talking with and Helping Students

Working on the East Lab Grant with Mr. Dillon

Working with great teachers like Marna Whitley

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