Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Seasonal Qigong

"In Spring, breathe xu for clear eyes and so wood can aid you liver.
In summer, reach for he, so that heart and fire can be at peace.
In fall, breathe si to stabilize and gather metal, keeping the lungs moist.
For the kidneys, next, breathe chui and see you inner water calm.
the Triple Heater needs your xi to expel all heat and troubles.
In all four seasons take long breaths, so spleen can process food.
And, of course, avoid exhaling noisily, not letting even your ears hear it.
The practice is most excellent and will help preserve your divine elixir."

- Master Sun Simiao (581-682 CE)
From Xiuzhen shishu (Ten Books on Cultivating Perfection), Song Dynasty
Translated by Livia Kohn, Chinese Healing Exercises, p. 135

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Seasons and Months

Qigong, Daoyin, Nei Gong, Yangshengong, Chinese Yoga, Chi Kung

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