Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Gardening in Early Autumn

Karen and I added new vegetable and flower garden beds on the west side of our home in Vancouver, Washington.  We both enjoy gardening.  There is always lots of work to do in any garden in the months of September and October.  One keeps busy in the autumn season.

10/15/2019, South Side of House


mums flowering, 
zinnias drying-
me wondering

7/2019, 36 sqft new planting bed, west exposure

8/2019, 90 sqft new planting bed, west exposure

10/15/2019, Finishing up on around 216 sqft of new planting beds
Beds emptied on 10/5/2019, manured, amended, and expanded
Mostly the area is rested, amended, and weeded through the winter
Our winter crops might include swiss chard, radishes, cabbage, and onions
This area is on the west side of the house in full midday sun

10/15/2019, south side of the house

10/15/2019, Our font bay window, south side

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