Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bare Root Planting Time

In December and early January of each year, Karen and I plant bare root trees and vines.  We also plant potted plants.  We also dig up and move plants to new locations.  

This year, we are planting the following bare root trees and vines: a Splash Pluot, a Bartlett pear, a non-pariel almond tree, a neplus ultra almond tree, an Indian free peach variety, and a Moorpark apricot tree.  Among the potted plants are oleander shrubs, bay laurel trees, black oak trees, grape vines, mock oranges, bottle brush, and others.  

We started a new row in the northeast quadrant of the south field.  In the first row, from north to south, we planted: 1) Transcendent Crabapple, 2) Golden Russett Apple.  

We dig holes, plant the tree or shrub, stake trees as needed, prune excess branches to shape and reduce stress, and water.  

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