Friday, January 01, 2016

Plans for 2016

Reassess the value and benefits, for others and for myself, of my blogging, and my webpage development and maintenance projects.  

Accomplish many home improvements, refurbishments, painting, and clean up projects.

Complete my normal daily exercise and fitness routines.

Work diligently to reduce my A1C blood sugar test results to under 6.5, and my body weight down to 240 pounds.  Effectively manage my eating of nutritious foods, carefully use my diabetic medicines, exercise, reduce stress, and get adequate rest to slow the deterioration progress of my Type 2 Diabetes.

Complete 9 months of my last 18 months of part-time elementary school district work before my retirement in December of 2017.

Do what I can to help make for a peaceful, productive, prosperous, beneficial, and healthy community.

Discontinue activities that are not supportive and aligned with my preferences and goals.

Weed my used book collection.

Enjoy more frequent camping and day hiking adventures in coastal Oregon and California.  

The Cloud Hands Blog has been in existence since 2005.  I have posted 2,193 times to this blog.  There have been 635,000 Page Views of this blog.  Many positive reviews and some awards have been given to this blog.  The right hand column of this blog provides extensive subject access to my hundreds of webpages and blog postings.  There is plenty of content still available on this blog and my webpages that readers might find useful.  Enjoy! 

If you don't set objectives, goals, intentions, resolutions, or aims, then it is far less likely that you will accomplish any of those objectives.  With no target to shoot at, how do you aim?  Use your energy, your thinking, and your will to prioritize, focus, and accomplish the most important objectives.

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