Monday, September 24, 2018

Winter Gardens Started

Behind me is a veggie bed in the sunshine.  It contains two small grape vines, kale, Swiss chard, snow peas and onions.

Spirit of Gardening Website

Friday, September 14, 2018

Sixto Rodriguez Rediscovered

Sixto Rodriguez.

"For the past 20 years, Stephen “Sugar” Segerman has been involved in the rediscovery of, and resurgence of worldwide interest in, Sixto Rodriguez. This legendary and internationally acclaimed American folk-rock singer-songwriter, who was a huge success in South Africa from the ‘70’s onwards, was believed to be dead but was found alive and well and living in Detroit in 1997. Since then his career has gone from strength to strength following a series of international tours, the re-release of his albums, and the success of the Oscar-winning film about this extraordinary story, ‘Searching For Sugar Man’, in 2013."

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mt. Ranier Trip

Karen and I enjoyed our three day trip up north to the Mt. Ranier area.  We drove 360 degrees around Mt. Ranier via the towns of : Elbe, Mt. Ranier National Park entrance, Longmire, Paradise, Stewart Canyon road, Chinook Pass, Greenwater, Enumclaw, Puyallup, Auburn, Carbonado, and Eatonville.

We stayed for two nights in a yurt at Kanaskat-Powell State Park along the Green River.  The river and rapids were delightful, and the park with lush vegetaation..  The yurt was 9 miles from Enumclaw.  We explored around the town of Enumclaw from 9/5-9/7.

Unfortunately, there was much fog, haze, and clouds at lower elevations that completely obscured Mt. Ranier from the headlands west of this massive mountain.  Above 4,000 feet the mountain was clear and impressive from Paradise Point and many road turnouts and viewpoints as you drove up to Paradise Point.  As usual, there were many summer tourists and the parking lots were jammed and roads busy.  Stunning high mountain scenery. 

Some of the roads we drove on are open only in the summer.  Next summer, we intend to drive up to Sunrise Point, the highest point you can drive to in Mt. Ranier Park, and also visit the Crystal Mountain Resort.  These are areas on the northeast side of Mt. Ranier. 

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Familiar Visitors from Las Vegas

Betty Ann Eubanks Yarber (- 2017) was the oldest of three sisters: Barbara, Ginger, and Karen.  Betty and Dick Yarber had three children: Gala, Billy, and Bud. 

This past week, we had visitors for three days.  Karen and my nephew, "Bud" or Galen Earl Yarber, his wife Helen, his daugher Gala, and Gala's friend, Nick, all came to visit us for three days.  I have know Bud since he was a little boy of age 6, when I was in my twenties living in East Los Angles. 

Nice to reminiscence with family about old times, and see young people on the first paths of their lives.  We told stories and jokes, exchanged memories, and shared what we were doing lately.  Bud played a guitar quite well which I enjoyed. 

Bud drove from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Boise, Idaho and Spokane, WA, and back.  Nick drove from Coeur d'Alene Idaho, to Vancouver, WA, and back.