Friday, September 22, 2017

Camping at Horseshoe Lake

Last weekend we camped for three nights at Horseshoe Lake. It is on the western side of Mt. Adams (12,200 feet). The glaciers on Mt. Adams were the largest I have ever seen, other than in documentaries.

The views of Mt. Adams were spectacular. Next summer, I hope to camp at Takhlakh Lake.  We visited four different small lakes in the area.  This was the last week for camping in this area which will be closed from around September 22 to July 1st of next year due to the heavy snowfall.  

Mick fished. Since nobody was in this campground, Mick and April could let their two dogs roam around more.

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The campground was under strict fire prevention rules. We could not have a campfire - which was missed in the morning at evening.

Karen and I still had problems with poor sleeping pads. We will solve this problem before our next trip.

The 47 mile drive down dirt/gravel Forest Service road 21 to Horseshoe Lake was a bit difficult for us. We are not used to the challenges of driving on this kind of road. Our old 2003 Ford Explorer did just fine.

I purchased a Washington fishing licence on 9/20. Mick and I plan to go to Battleground Lake next Monday.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day 2017

A number of my neighbors are working in their yards today.  I've heard hammering, sawing, and loading sounds.
I went shopping at my local ACE and Orchards Feed hardware store on Rosewood and 94th Ave.
Karen painted all the wood ready for the final section of our new green trellis for the vertical garden of wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, and one evergreen vine.
In the last four days, Karen and I have planted in the ground 4 English laurel, 5 Pieris Andromeda low shrubs, 1 medium and 1 small Japanese maple trees, 2 Bay laurel, and 5 small ground covers.

Today, I, laborer, carpenter, gardener, landscaper ...

Finished installing the final right angle section of the green trellis.

Installed 16 feet of the brown/cedar plastic lath lattice pattern 1" cross hatch 4'x8' panel.  This will divide our sitting area from our nursery area.

Planted a wisteria, a Blue Moon Kentucky Wisteria.  Tied to lattice.