Thursday, August 24, 2017

Steady Progress

Karen and I have been busy working on making our new house our home.

We have improved the back yard with new plants, trellis, pots, fencing, steps, pavers, etc.  

There are still some boxes remaining in our garage waiting to be unboxed, sorted, and moved.  We want to park one of our cars in the garage for easy loading and unloading in the garage, especially during our coming wet autumn-winter season.  With 45 inches of rain per year average, a sheltered place for our car will be useful.  

I joined the local LA Fitness gym.  It is 2.8 miles from my new home.  It has all the facilities, equipment, and amenities I will need for exercising.  It also has a very nice heated lap pool.  I will try their yoga classes.  

Walking for 30 minutes in the morning and/or evening.  Beautiful summer weather here in Vancouver for pleasant walks.  

My new (6/6/17) pacemaker seems to be working OK.  My sprained right hand and broken right ring finger are steadily healing.  I now have a team of physicians and good health care support here in Vancouver.  

I had hoped to study Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong here in Vancouver with Sifu Brian Knack. However, unfortunately, he retired and moved from the area.  I am researching Tai Chi Chuan training options in Vancouver.  There are many options in nearby Portland.  However, commuting from Vancouver to Portland and back to Vancouver is very time consuming and inefficient considering typical traffic patterns.