Monday, January 09, 2012

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

The Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Series was created by Professor Lin Hou Sheng from China.  Part 1, 18 movements (Shi Ba Shi) was created in 1979.  Part 2, 18 movements, was created in 1988.  Four more Tai Chi Qigong 18 movement sets were created in the 1990's.  Professor Lin's best selling book, Qi Gong is the Answer to Health, was first published in 1985 in China.  

The movements are done slowly, gently, and deliberately.  Deep breathing is coordinated carefully with each movement sequence.  There is little or no movement of the feet.  Suitable for persons of all ages.  A number of the hand movements are similar to those used in Yang style Taijiquan.   

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi: Bibliography, Links, Videos, Lessons, Resources
By Mike Garofalo.

The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong.  By Chris Jarmey.  North Atlantic Books, 2005.  192 pages.

Part 1, Eighteen Movements (Shibashi) Qigong, Tai Chi Qigong

1.   Awakening the Qi
2.   Opening the Chest   
3.   Painting the Rainbow
4.   Separating the Clouds
5.   Cycling the Arms
6.   Paddle a Boat 
7.   Lifting the Sun  
8.   Turn the Body and Look at the Moon  
9.   Push the Palms  
10.  Rolling Tai Ji  
11.  Lift and Spray the Water  
12.  Push the Wave  
13.  Let the Dove Free  
14.  Punching the Mud  
15.  Flying Wild Goose  
16.  Hug and Swing the Sun  
17.  Bounce the Ball  
18.  Quieting the Qi  


  1. Sifu Mike,

    I am a practioner and teacher of both Taiji I and II (18 movments) as taught and certified to me by Yun Xun Tseng of Wudang, China and Ft Collin, Co.

    I am true to the form and teach only as I know it and have been taught.

    My question is, and by the way I am a great reader of yours....I read most all of your postiangs under Greenway....

    My question is, you say; " Four more Tai Chi Qigong 18 movement sets were created in the 1990's. ".....I am told by a member of the Wudangtao organization that in fact there are 7 taichi (18 moements ) forms....I cannot find an explanation of even #'2 3-7.....

    Can you help me find a video/movie/booklet/wriating of these taichi 18 forms?

    I would appreciate all of your efforts to help me and the very elderly people I teach here in Punta Gorda, Fl....


  2. Everything I know about the resources regarding Shibashi Qigong is found on my webpage on the subject. Sorry I can't be of more help in your research. Best wishes in your teaching and practice. - Mike

  3. Hi Richard and Michael.

    I am Fabrice, Canadian representative for Prof. Lin Housheng, founder of Taiji Qigong Shibashi.
    There is a total of 8 set developed, The set #4 is a reorganization of set 1-2-3 for specific health issue and set #8 is a combination of Prof. Lin Housheng favourite movement. The other set (1-2-3-5-6-7) are independent series. At the moment, only set 1 and 2 have been translate into english (written info only) but you can buy the DVD of Prof. Lin from his website (

    Thank you Michael for your article about prof Lin Housheng and for promoting the original form of Taiji Qigong Shibashi.

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM PST

    Hello I watch the programme and I love it. I do a similar qigong exercises and thank you for your demonstration. I just recently took out tai Chi for health and love it. I find my health and energy, balancing, movements gets easier as I do it daily. Thank you.

  5. An expert tai chi chuan practitioner is able to channel his inner "chi," or "qi energy," through different parts of his body according to his will. It allows the practitioner to have better energy levels, a strong immune system and physical stamina.

    Ilchi Lee

  6. Ane Recafort,

    Plenty of healthy people who exercise have lots of energy, strong immune systems, and physical stamina and know nothing of "qi energy" and do not practice Taijiquan. You don't need to believe in an "energy" that is unmeasurable, undetectable, invisible, or magical to be a highly skilled and healthy Taijiquan or Qigong player. How can you judge that a person "channels his inner chi properly according to his will?' The whole notion of chi, qi, or prana seems unnecessary to explain the benefits of Taijiquan or Qigong. Exercise has proven benefits to one's health and well being, you don't need to add magical powers to the mix. See my comments:

    Mike 5/7/2014

  7. Hi Michael, are you attending Prof Lin Housheng's lecture in MOntreal september 19th? I hope to meet you there. I understand there will be Qi projection, and Qi anesthesia info, as well as demos of Shibashi different forms. What an honor to meet a huge scientist, living legend.
    Lots of qi to you.

  8. I am unable to attend. I just don't have the extra income for such informative lectures at such a great distance from Red Bluff, California. I work 9/18.
    Sounds like a great opportunity for you to attend.
    Best wishes,