Saturday, February 06, 2016

Optimal Aging

Twenty Rules for Optimal Living in the 21st Century

1.  Face Reality
2.  Take Action
3.  Create Yourself
4.  Accept Responsibility
5.  Do It Now
6.  You Can't Change the Past
7.  Act Like a Scientist
8.  Work, Work, Work and Practice, Practice, Practice
9.  Push Yourself
10.  Do and Feel
11.  There's No Gain Without Pain
12.  Accept and Forgive Yourself Unconditionally
13.  Live for Now and for the Future
14.  Commit Yourself
15.  Take Risks
16.  Be Interested in Yourself and in Others 
17.  Remain Flexible 
18.  Use It Or Lose It
19.  Accept Uncertainty
20.  Don't Expect Heaven on Earth 

Albert Ellis, Ph.D., and Emmett Verlten, Ph.D.  Optimal Aging: Get Over Getting Older  1998

How to Live a Good Life: Advice from Wise Persons

Aging Well: Quotes, Notes, Bibliography

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