Wednesday, September 27, 2017

East Region Library Managers, Los Angeles County Public Library System, 1996

A hard working group of branch library managers and regional staff.  Great colleagues, and some fine friends.  We accomplished a lot with our 20 libraries in East Region.  Fond memories!  

I was the Regional Administrator for East Region, in the San Gabriel Valley, 20 libraries, from 1980-1998.  My office was at the West Covina Regional Library.  

At the time the above photograph was taken we were all at the Rowland Heights library attending the monthly Branch Managers meeting.  Back then, Mike McClintock and Billie Frierson were  assistant administrators.  Judy Valcho, Linda Siggins and Kay Simonetti were regional coordinators; and Elizabeth Koller was the office manager.  

From my memory in 2018. The top back row standing, left to right, Chuck Kaufman (Hacienda Heights), reference librarian Diamond Bar, John McClellan (Claremont), Tony Ramirez (El Monte), library assistant at Rowland Heights, Peter Rosenwald (Duarte), Elizabeth Koller (Region), Pat Libbry (Norwood), Robert Marquez (South El Monte), Sherna Cowan (Rowland), Mary Noonan (San Dimas), Dottie Nichols (Charter Oak).  Sitting, left to right, Stuart Rosenberg (La Verne), Billie Frierson (Region), Linda Siggins (Region), Mike Garofalo (Region), Sandra Novoa (Sunkist), Wilbert Hunt (Baldwin Park), Mike McClintock (Region).  Missing: Joan Livingston (West Covina), Bryan Trygstad (library), Librarian (Walnut), Judy Valcho (Region).  

As of 2018, Chuck Kaufman, Mary Miller, Claudia Moiseve, Cathy, Susanna Morneau, and John McClellan have all passed away.  

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