Friday, September 29, 2017

Returning to Feeling Better and Training

In May of 2016, I was lifting weights for 45 minutes at the gym 5 days a week.  I walked 2 to 3 miles four days every week.  I taught 3 yoga classes and 3 taijiquan classes each week.  I worked 24 hours a week for the Corning School District.  I was feeling strong, energetic, and positive.  Medical tests were positive.  I was 70 years of age.  

After July of 2017, my health declined.  My 1st degree AV heart block (which I had since 1990) became a 2nd degree AV heart block and Bradycardia (excessively slow heartbeat) caused great concern and distress.  I had a pacemaker inserted in 6/17. 

We sold our home in Red Bluff, CA, and purchased a home in 6/17 in Vancouver WA.  This was challenging and stressful. 

During this period I fell twice and injured both knees and my right hip.  My damaged right rotator cuff tendon continued to limit my motions. 

My Type II diabetes, under reasonable control since 1990, began to worsen.  My new physician, Dr. Anna, switched my medicines in 7/17 and my recent blood sugar AIC was 7.2.  I must improve. 

I was depressed and drugged.  Disheartening!  Little energy!  Lighteaded! 

I smoked cannabis during this period to ease the pain and dull my senses.  This was a mistake.  I stopped smoking! 

I did not write much or research/study much for 14 months. 

I health started to improve in September, 2017.  I am now hoping to resume a more comprehensive physical training program in October, 2017. 

Karen and I are now eating more vegetarian based meals.  We are both greatly reducing our intake of  meats, dairy products, and eggs. 

I am now walking every day for 30 to 40 minutes. 

I garden some everyday at our new home.  

I go to the gym at LA Fitness four days a week. 

Hopefully, this autumn season will bring improved stamina and vitality to my life. 

I know that I have told my recent story before in this blog.  I apologize for the repetition. 

I hope my future writing and posts help me recover.  Productive work of this kind is uplifting for me.  Maybe, in addition, it might help others in some way.

Best wishes, 


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