Sunday, November 01, 2015

Busy Gardening

Karen and I have been busy at home working in our yard and gardens.  We started major projects at our home last June. 

The Spirit of Gardening: Over 3,500 quotations arranged by over 100 topics, compiled by Mike Garofalo, 1999-.

The Garden in October

The Garden in November 

We have together:

Cleaned, dug, fertilized and rototilled two sunny garden areas.
Been planting and watering our winter garden vegetables. 
Been cleaning out ditches.
Hiring people to fix walls, paint, and clean up the south field.
Repairing broken poles and fenceposts.
Cleaning up up our Sacred Circle Garden.
Making a new compost bin.
Celebrating harvest and Halloween events.
Watching the University of Southern California (USC) vs The University of California football game.  Cheer "We Are .. SC!"  My dad and I graduated from USC. 

Here are some recent photographs:  

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