Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Stoic Philosophy: Notes and Reflections

Stoicism: Bibliography, Hypertext Notebook, Resources, Research, Themes, Reflections

Research by Mike Garofalo.  250KB, November, 2015

In the last month, I have been steadily reading Hellenistic philosophers (300 BCE - 200 CE).  I've read all of Marcus Arelius and Epictetus.  I'm now reading Seneca and Cicero.  I've read many commentaries and scholarly works about the Stoics and Greco-Roman Hellenistic Ethical viewpoints.  

I've focused recently on using Stoic practices, maxims, exercises, and skills development for improving my daily life. 


  1. Great advice here.

  2. Aiming for a state of mind like atraxia needs to be grounded in our daily ways of living and working. We do find that "aiming" and trying accomplish that "aim" [objective, goal, future circumstance, target], does often result in positive benefits [rewards, pleasures, pride, success, vitality, excellence] in the future. Sometimes, not!