Monday, January 08, 2018

Home Projects in January

"Soon will set in the fitful weather, with fierce gales and sullen skies and frosty air, and it will be time to tuck up safely my roses and lillies and the rest for their winter sleep beneath the snow, where I never forget them, but ever dream of their wakening in happy summers yet to be."
- Celia Thaxter

January Gardening

I pruned six roses. I dug up each rose and transplanted the roots into a new large pot. I moved six pots of roses to the nursery area in the back yard. 

I excavated and layed pavers by the front door. 

We had moved some large potted plants indoors: a lemon citrus, an avocado, a succulent, a fuchsia, etc.

I reworked the sides of the large covered patio on the east side of our house. I closed the entire fence line on the east side from the front gate to the back yard gate. Then I hung brown plastic sheets to enclose three sides and provide some additional rain protection. Two 75 watt utility lights were hung to provide worksite illumination. All sides included four level plastic storage racks to maximize storage in this covered and enclosed storage and work area outside the garage.

I started putting the the 4"x4"x8' treated posts into concrete in the ground.   

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