Monday, March 05, 2018

Spring Planting in Vancouver, WA

Karen and I will be busy with home improvement and gardening projects all during the month of March.  We are adding new fencing and improving old fencing.  We are going to be planting ground covers, ornamental evergreen shrubs, trees, mowing, fertilizing, and finishing paving our nursery area.  We are adding and improving garden trellis framing.  We also have many indoor home improvement projects.  

I planted four camellia shrubs in our backyard, and many smaller evergreen shrubs and ground covers.  

When to Plant Vegetables in Vancouver, Washington

From the National Gardening Association

The Spirit of Gardening by Mike Garofalo

Notes about Gardening in Vancouver, Washington

We will be staying overnight in Yakima and Packwood, Washinton.  Hopefully, our road trip will give us fine views of the Columbia Gorge and river along I 84 to The Dalles.  We hope to get some great views of Yakima Valley and Mt. Adams (12,280) as we drive to Toppenish on Washington Road 97.  

The second and third days will take us headed west through the Cascades, between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams just to the south of State Road 12 and to Mt. Ranier (14,410 feet) just to the north of State Road 12.  Naches, Rimrock Lake, White Pass, Packwood, Randle, Morton, Mossyrock, Riffe Lake and beautiful views along the Cowlitz River Valley.  

The Mossyrock Dam, for example, is 606 feet high.  There are numerous dams and resovoir/lakes in the Cowlitz River Valley between Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams near Mt. St. Helens.

Mt. Adams to the west of Yakima Valley

Hops in the Yakima Valley

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