Thursday, June 20, 2019

Fishing in Clark County

My son is taking my grandaughter fishing next week.  I was invited to join in the outing.  I need to renew my fishing license and get my fishing gear out of storage.  

We could fish in many nearby lakes or rivers.  Fishing opportunities abound in the Columbia River Gorge area where we live.  

Traveling the Rivers of Washington: Sightseeing, Fishing, Nature Studies

Washington River Maps and Fishing Guide.  By Doug Rose.  Frank Amato Publications, 2013.  87 pages.  ISBN: 978-1571885135.  VSCL.  Excellent resource for river trips and fishing.

Washington's Best Fishing Waters.  Wilderness Adventures Press, 2nd Edition, 2007.  161 pages.  ISBN: 978-1932098525.  VSCL. 

Washington Lake Maps and Fishing Guide.  By Bill McMillan.  Edited and illustrated by Esther Appel.  Frank Amato Publications, 2012.  48 pages.  ISBN: 978-1571884770.  VSCL. 

Flyfisher's Guide to Washington.  By Greg Thomas.  The Wilderness Adventures Flyfisher's Guide Series.  Wilderness Adventures Press, 2013.  500 pages.  ISBN: 978-185106582.  VSCL.  

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