Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day

We enjoyed days at home on this Labor Day weekend.  We worked around the home and yard in the mornings, and then relaxed indoors in the hot afternoons (100F+).  We wake up and get busy at 5 am to take advantage of the cool and very pleasant morning hours (65F).  

Normally, I walk and practice Taijiquan and Qigong at dawn.  Lately, because of a serious toe infection I've had to stop walking based on my podiatrist's advice. 

We watched "The King's Speech," and some William Holden films on TCM.  I worked on revising a webpage on Part II of the Magic Pearl Qigong.  

Karen harvested tomatoes, squash, and peppers.  She made some of Karen's delicious Super Salsa. 

"Work is love made visible."
- Kahlil Gibran

"Man was not made to rust out in idleness. A degree of exercise is as necessary for the preservation of health, both of body and mind, as his daily food. And what exercise is more fitting, or more appropriate of one who is in the decline of life, than that of superintending a
well-ordered garden? What more enlivens the sinking mind? What is more conducive to a long life?"
- Joseph Breck

Work:  Quotes, Poems, Sayings

I've been busy building some work benches in our storage shed area.

"I am thinking of the onion again.  ...  Not self-righteous like the proletarian potato, nor a siren like the apple.  No show-off like the banana.  But a modest, self-effacing vegetable, questioning, introspective, peeling itself away, or merely radiating halos like ripples."
-  Erica Jong, Fruits and Vegetables, 1971 

"Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? 
Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself."
-  Henry David Thoreau


  1. You folks have real reasons to feel pride and satisfaction about your home -- you've really created an oasis!

    And, judging from your photos over the years, you've done it pretty much from scratch. That takes gumption in addition to hard work. It's a pleasure to watch it grow vicariously.

  2. Walt,

    Thanks very much for your kind feedback.

    Both Karen and I do greatly enjoy gardening and backyard nature studies.

    Bright blessings,