Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cloud Hands Explained

Every T'ai Chi Ch'uan form that I have ever seen includes the movement sequence called 'Cloud Hands' (Yun Shou) or 'Waving Hands Like Clouds.'  The movement includes stepping side to side, turning at the waist, and moving the hands gracefully from side to side.  Each style of Taijiquan has subtle variations of this movement.   

Here is an excellent new book on the internal martial arts by Sifu Robert Tangora of New Mexico:  

The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands: A Gateway to Advanced T'ai Chi Practice.  By Robert Tangora.  Foreword by Michael J. Gelb.  Berkeley, California, Blue Snake Books, 2012.  Bibliography, 141 pages.  ISBN: 9781583944486.  VSCL.  A thorough discussion of three components of internal power: 1) cross-body power, 2) left-right alignment or joint power, and 3) zhong ding power.  Six supplemental and complimentary exercises are precisely explained and illustrated.  "Cloud Hands is a paradigm for the internal symmetry in t'ai chi ch'uan through the hidden relationship between the stepping method, the changes of nei chin, and cross-body power. ... This book is beneficial for a a wide range of practitioners of movement, healing, and marital arts. ... The reader should be familiar with core concepts from t'ai chi ch'uan, e.g., song, nei chin, ch'i, and zhong ding."  

Sifu Tangora also offers many instructional DVDs on Taijiquan and Qigong.  He offers a 4 DVD set on the subject of Cloud Hands.    

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