Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Delusions Unravelled and Warded Off

I recently read  completely, for the second time, the bold, incisive, and clear minded 2006 book by Richard Dawkins called "The God Delusion."  I agree with and support most of his accurate and decisive criticisms of religious beliefs and their negative effects on our world.  This book is essential reading for the 20% of Americans who say they have no religious affiliations and beliefs.  We need to be informed and speak out clearly. 

Last Friday morning, a well dressed man came to my house to proselytize for his fundamentalist Christian church in Red Bluff.  He invited me to attend the Lord's Supper at his Church, and began to lecture me about Christianity.  Yes, another persistent salesman for the God Delusion at my door.  

I politely spoke to him in these terms: "I was forced to attend Catholic schools until the 12th grade.  I am a college graduate, and am very knowledgeable about the many religions in our world.  I've not been a member of any church, or participated in any church services since I was 15.  I am a humanist and atheist.  I have lived a long, happy, productive, moral, prosperous, and satisfying life with few if any religious beliefs.  I am lucky to live in America were we can live in relative peace in a secular state. Please, sir, you need not return again to my home to preach to me."  

Not giving up, after not listening or understanding what I just said, he began spouting biblical passages so as to do his self-appointed religious salesman duties.  I listened politely for another minute.  Then, I said, 'Confucius said, "Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you."  You don't want me to come to your house to annoy you by lecturing to you about the sensible and good reasons for not accepting the delusions the Christian religion; therefore, please stop talking to me and do not return to my home again to preach to me.  Good day, Sir.'

My Own Views on Religion and Theology

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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.  By Christopher Hitchens.  Twelve, 2009.  336 pages.  ISBN: 978-0446697965.  VSCL.  A strong critique of the negative impact of religions.  Uses many historical facts from the last 100 years.  Wide ranging and penetrating arguments.  Includes an intense criticism of Islam, Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity, and Zionist Judaism.  

Dawkins, Richard.  The God Delusion.   Mariner Books, Houghton Mifflin, 2006, 2008.  Index, notes, bibliography, appendices, 463 pages.  ISBN: 978-0618918249.  VSCL.  A bold, incisive, convincing, and clear minded critique of religious beliefs and religions and their negative and pernicious impact on our communities, societies, nations, and the world.  I've read this book more that twice, and find it uplifting, brave, and to the point.  His analysis of the negative social and moral effects of religion are accurate and compelling.  Guaranteed to make you Brighter!  


  1. I have read and enjoyed both books, and I keep them both on my shelves of favorites!!

  2. They are informative collections of short essays and always worth rereading.