Saturday, July 04, 2015

What Will Remain of You

"When you die, only three things will remain of you, since you will abandon all material things on the threshold of the Otherworld: what you have taught to others, what you have created with your hands, and how much love you have spread. So learn more and more in order to teach wise, long-lasting values. Work more and more to leave the world things of great beauty. And love people around you for the Light of Love heals everything."
- Fran├žois Bourillon

Triads: Wisdom Sayings of the Celts, Druids, and Neopagans

Seven Precepts of Merlin:
"First:  Labor Diligently to acquire knowledge, for it is power. 
Second:  When in authority, decide reasonably, for thine authority may cease. 
Third:  Bear with fortitude the ills of life, remembering that no mortal sorrow is perpetual. 
Fourth:  Love virtue - for it bringeth peace. 
Fifth:  Abhor vice - for it bringeth evil upon all. 
Sixth:  Obey those in authority in all just things, that virtue may be exalted. 
Seventh:  Cultivate the social virtues, so shalt thou be beloved by all men. 
The motto of the Druids the world over is “United to Assist.”
The aim of the Druids is Unity, Peace and Concord.”"

-  Isaac Bonewits, Bonewit's Essential Guide to Druidism, 2006, p.162.

How to Live a Good Life: Advice from Wise Persons

One Old Daoist Druid's Final Journey

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