Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gardening in the Month of May

May Gardening Chores in Red Bluff

Divide and replant clumps of perennials that have finished flowering.
Take cuttings from some plants.
Watering as needed, especially potted plants.
Plant vegetables in a sunny garden area. 
Read garden books from the library. 
Mowing lawns and weeding.
Planting seeds in containers in the greenhouse. 
Fertilize some actively growing plants. 
Mulch trees, shrubs and garden. 
Weed garden.  Weed garden.  Weed garden. 
Take a nap in the shade.
Pick up tree branches blown down by high winds. 
Remove dead branches or trees. 
Thin out plants growing in the vegetable garden.
Mow lawns and field.  
Write a poem.   Keep a garden journal. 
Clean and scrub down garden chairs. 
Watering as needed.   Deeply soak trees. 
Celebrate May Day. 
Use straw mulch to conserve water and shade roots.
Don't get sun burnt.  Wear wide brimmed hats and long sleeve shirts.
Dig in composted manure.
Fertilize grass in lawns.   
Shape shrubs.
Weed garden.  Weed the garden.  Weed the garden. 
Rake and sweep up sitting areas in the shade. 
Prune vines. 
Search for poems and songs and quotes about the month of May. 
Clean up garden workbench area. 
Read some Springtime poetry out loud. 
Place extended release fertilizer in potted plants. 
Move tender plants into semi-shade. 
Thin excess fruit on trees. 
Sit and observe.
Thin our excess vegetables.   
Make sure lath/shade house is ready.  

We have five cherry trees that consistently produce delicious fruit.  


  1. Cherries? LUCKY! Lots of hard work though

  2. Yes, many yummy cherries to eat nowadays in Red Bluff, California.

    Orchards do involve lots of vigorous outdoor work. I need to check all my drip lines this weekend.

    Garden On,