Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Returning to Daily Activities

I traveled to Portland last Thursday (4/28) and we returned to Red Bluff on Sunday (5/1).

Karen had been in Portland since mid-March, helping our son, Mick, recover from kidney transplant surgery.  Thus far, the transplant surgery has been successful with no unusual complications.  Mick had been on daily kidney dialysis for nearly five years, waiting for a kidney transplant.

We are all very happy with the outcome thus far.  Keeping our fingers crossed for continued steady progress and full recovery.  He has been helped by Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in northeast Portland.  They have done a fine job with the surgery and after care.

Thanks also to U.S. Medicare for paying for medical treatment for renal failure cases. Every tax dollar I ever paid was worth the medical insurance coverage provided by Medicare for my son.  They kept him alive for five years.

Good News for our family and friends.

Back to work at my part-time job, home maintenance projects, my gym workouts, walking, teaching yoga, and teaching and practicing Taijiquan.

Lot's to think about other than the topics normally covered in this blog.

The photo below shows me playing with my grand daughter, Makenna.  She is showing me how to use a software application on their I Pad.  She loves to read, and, of course, likes Batman toys.  She is a smart second grader who can play soccer really well on both offense and defense.  We, and her sister, Katelyn, a fourth grader, all had fun at their new home in Vancouver, Washington.  

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