Sunday, February 12, 2017

Foot, Ankle and Shin Exercises

Because of one consequence of my diabetes, my feet and ankles have problems caused by peripheral neuropathy.  My feet are often very stiff, numb, tingling, and uncomfortable.  The situation is incurable.  

I always wear properly fitting shoes and clean socks.  Wear footwear suitable for the activity you want to engage in.  Keep your feet clean and dry.  

I have found that regular walking, taijiquan, qigong, and yoga all ameliorate my foot problems.  

Here are some exercises I do to help my feet, ankles, and shin.  

1.  Stand, hold on to a chair or cane, and left my heels off the ground - toe raises.  It tenses the calf and muscles of the feet.

2.  Lift the foot off the ground and make circles with the foot.

3.  While seated, lift and extend your leg.  With your foot, trace out each letter of the alphabet.  Do the same activity with each foot.  Trace the letters of the alphabet in both print and cursive styles.  This is one of my favorite exercises.  

4.  While seated, lift and extend your leg.  Extend your toes out as far as you can and lower the toes.  Then, flex the foot, drawing the toes back towards the ankle.  

5.  Gently massage the foot.   

6.  Stand on One Foot

7.  Flex and extend only the toes.  If the toes are stiff and inflexible, then use your hands to push the toes forward and pull the toes back; slowly and gently.  

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