Monday, June 19, 2017

Busy Moving

Karen and I are now moving into our new house.  "New" to us; this well maintained house was built in 1972.  

We are very busy!  

I am trying my best to not do any strenuous lifting or pulling, not lift more than 10 pounds, and rest more until September of 2017.  

This week, we get connected online via our provider, XFinity/Comcast, to 260 television channels (news, sports, movies, documentaries, community, health), many HD quality channels, DVRs, 200 Mbps Internet, pay per view or pay channels, streaming, Wifi, applications, and a telephone with unlimited nationwide calling and messaging.  I think it is called the X1 Premier Triple Play Package.  What a substantial WiFi Internet upgrade from Red Bluff, at less cost. 

My son is going to help me replace door latches and deadbolts.  He will assemble the new Toro lawn mower, and we will mow the yard.  

We will arrange for 6/22 moving company pickup of our belongings in Red Bluff, and move them to Vancouver.  We will travel to and visit with friends in Red Bluff, California, this week.  

Obtaining and storing needed household supplies.  Learning and discovering.  Sorting boxes, unpacking, shelving ...  We have moved something into this house every day since 6/16.  

My brother, Phil, has been slowly and with much difficulty, "recovering" from brain surgery to remove a non-cancerous but very serious tumor.  He still has painful headaches and some infection.  He needs home nursing and physical therapy.    

In July, we plan to attend the Blaize Family and the Garofalo Family reunion in the San Bernardino Mountains in Arrowhead, California.  We will stay at my brother Paul's house, with Paul and Janet, and families.  

Since we live so close to our children now, we all help with house sitting and dog care and house care, when we travel.   We keep a security eye on all our homes.  
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