Monday, June 12, 2017

Very Grateful

I had a Pacemaker implanted on June 7, 2017.  I seem to be doing well thus far. 

I told my story a few days ago.  

I am now walking, slowly and steadily, three times each day for 20 minutes each time.  I try to increase the time walking each day.  Also, I am doing gentle modified Taiji every day.  

I often reflect on this fact: If I was living in 1917, no medical procedures or drugs existed to keep me alive with severe Bradycardia (very low heartbeat).  

I thank all the medical professionals, health care workers, engineers, scientists, and creative people who have helped so many people.  

I thank all those people, Republicans and Democrats and Independents, who in 1964 established Medicare.  I thank all the hard working citizens in the United States who support Medicare, and contribute part of their paycheck each month for public governmental health services.  I worked 54 years and politically supported these governmental health care programs, and paid for these programs.  My wife and I still pay for Medicare and other health insurance.  

I favor many of Senator Bernie Sanders ideas for improving health care in America.  

I am very grateful to all Americans for helping to keep me alive.  

I will try my best to return this great favor to me, and promise to work to help make America a decent, just, and productive place to live for all people.  

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  1. oh, I wish you all the best for your recovery! I wish for you to have many more years with your loved ones and with Tai chi!