Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bohr Effect

"Hello, I am not trying to be rude ..however--- I suggest you study your physiology...namely the BOHR effect before making claims about O2 and CO2. Carbon dioxide is vital to our body's ability to use oxygen and deep breathing is NOT good for you as breathing off too much C02 means a tightening of the haemoglobin and oxygen bond, making oxygenation of the tissues very difficult."
- Marlene Jantzi-Bauman


Thank you for the comments on the Bohr effect. I will do some studying on the matter.

What webpage of mine where you referring to? I don't recall making claims about O2 and CO2; but, I do recall recommending that people to breathe freely and deeply while exercising to avoid the Valsalva Maneuver.

The dozens of books and scores of articles I have read on breathing and exercise have never mentioned the Bohr effect in the context of Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, or other mind-body practices. These practices do recommend deep and steady breathing, focused and active use of the diaphram, rectus abdominis, intercostals, and transverse abdominals while breathing, and the use of the breath as an anchor or focus point of concentration during meditation.

Again, I will research the matter. We do need to learn more each day. Thanks!

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Marlene wrote back to me on 9/29/06:

"Hello Mike,

You know--I am no longer sure which page I viewed but I believe it had to do with stress. I am working on a research project on breathing and health, and as a health professional I get frustrated when people are misinformed about the function of CO2 and O2. Many people also confuse diaphragmatic breathing and deep breathing also. Enjoy your research on the matter... the BOHR effect can be found in any medical textbook.
I also recommend a breathing technique that works well for many conditions which is named after a Russian MD, Dr. Buteyko. There are many websites on Buteyko Techniques as well as valid research. Check out, the focus of this practitioner is mainly asthma , however there are many reasons to learn this technique other than for asthma alone. there's a nice overview of the gas exchange on this site.

Hope this helps

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