Friday, December 29, 2006

Qigong Lesson #55

Qigong Lesson #55
By Mike Garofalo

Two Thoughts, Reminders, and Ques for My Qigong Practice Today:
Heads Up and Seeing the Meaning.

1. Keep your head up. Your head in line with your spine. Enjoy having a lifted and relaxed head. Find exercises to help you make your head, neck, and upper back muscles stronger, coordinated and flexible. Listen up, and perk up the head and ears. Lift the top of the head to the heavens, square the head over the neck and back, allow the shoulders to relax and fall, allow the chin to gently tuck, look forward, try to stay fully present here and now, be alert, show a soft smile, keep your head up, stay focused, concentrate as needed, hold the asana of The Dignified Head of the Buddha, and do your Qigong practices.

2. Keep your eyes active and integrated in your work, games, and Qigong practices. At times, your eyes will require careful supervison and specific exercises. Your eyes will lead your thoughts, your thoughts will build your mind. The eyes can lead the mind, and the mind can lead the eyes, and the Watcher watches. Cultivate the Third Eye, and cultivate your two eyes. Discover the 1001 Eyes of All the Sensory Gates of your own body, spoken mind, senses, experiences, and the Tao. See into your true selves, the Light and darkness. See into your reasons for doing Qigong practices. Close your eyes sometimes while doing your Qigong practices.

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