Saturday, September 05, 2015

Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining

Lately, I have tried to reduce my fitness training routines somewhat because I was experiencing some of the following signs and symptoms of over-training:

1.  Inability to sleep well.
2.  Increased resting heart beat rate.
3.  Excessive soreness and aching. 
4.  Poor motivation.
5.  Stalled progress towards fitness goals.
6.  Injuries
7.  Sadness, irritability, anxiety, the blues. 
8.  Questioning mind, doubting myself. 
9.  Poor concentration, stressing out.   
10.  Feeling sick or lousy.
11.  Change in eating and drinking habits, e.g. very thirsty.


Reduce number of vigorous workouts per week.
Shorten workouts.
Use less weight in strength training.
Fewer reps per set. 
Enjoy more gentle exercises: Taijiquan, qigong, yoga.
Naps and more hours of sleep.
Enjoy rest days. 
Less miles when walking. 
Reduce my goals, objectives, aims, tasks. 
Reduce coffee drinking each day. 
More quiet meditation time. 
Eat and drink a bit more if your doing vigorous workouts.
Reward yourself and take steps to improve your mood.

Fitness and Well Being

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