Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Beaver in Our Back Yard

We have lived in a rural area in the North Sacramento Valley since 1998.  Our home is on a five acre parcel of land.  There are two small ponds on our property that attract many species of wildlife.  

Over the years, we have observed numerous wild mammals on our property: bats, coyotes, ferral cats, foxes, gophers, mice, moles, possums, raccoons, rats, and skunks.  

This week, our next door neighbor, Debbie, called us and said that a beaver was in her back yard.  There is a large pond west of Debbie's home and property. 

Yes, a beaver!!  Very curious.  Very unusual.  Pictured below.  

Mrs. Murphy, who lives 120 yards east of us, told us that beavers lived in her large pond a few years back.  


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