Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hello, Vancouver, WA

We moved to Vancouver, Washington, on April 10th.

We have been settling in with my daughter's family in a large Salmon Creek area home.

The usual transition issues, as with any family in a move, have occupied our time.

I have enjoyed the Portland weather, for 19 years, in four visits per per. Vancouver is across the Columbia River, north of Portland.  We live in the Columbia River Valley.  The Pacific Ocean is 80 miles from Vancouver.  So, it is cooler and cloudier and wetter here where I now live than in Red Bluff, California.  There are many naturally growing, and obviously flourishing, evergreen firs, cypress, pines, cedars, and shrubs in this area.  This week I have seen seven different trees in bloom, camillas, shrubs in bloom, tulips, etc.  

Just set up our computer and connected back online this afternoon.

Here is the view from our two room apartment, from the adjacent second story porch.  A very enjoyable place to read, stare, enjoy the gentle rain, have a smoke, drink some coffee, ponder life's obvious and obscure realities, and listen to the dull rumble (like surf at the seashore) of traffic around Interstate 5 and 139th Street.

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