Friday, May 26, 2006

George Xu's Summer Taijiquan Training Camp

George Xu and Master Yun Yin Sen at Summer Training Camp at La Honda, Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Francisco, California.

June 13-18, 2006, Tuesday through Sunday.

Liu He Ba Fa, 10 Animal Xing-Yi, Chen Style Taiji, Push Hands

Master Yun Yin Sen started internal arts in Yang Style Taiji. Since 1980 he studied with Zhang Chang Xin in 6 Harmony-8 Method, Liu He Pa Fa and Yi Quan Zhang Zuang (post standing). Zhang Chang Xin was one of the top students of Wu Yi Hui, founder of the form. Also since 1882 he studied with Han Qiao (Han Jiao), Lu Gui Yao, Liang Qi Zhong, all masters of 6 Harmony-8 Method (more). In 1992 he became Anhwei Province 6 Harmony-8 Method Association Secretary and is now President. In 1997 he received the government sports association second degree master's certificate. From 1979-2005 he has been been invited to performances and lectures internationally, very active in the world. 1999 to Russia, 2002 to London and 2003 to England.

I look forward to attending this training camp. I'm training extra to be in excellent physical condition for this 6 day training camp.

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