Thursday, May 25, 2006

Walking the Circle - Bagua

Ba Gua Chang by Paul Cavel

"Energy exercises can de divided into two categories- 'Post-Birth' and 'Pre-Birth'. Post birth practices deal with developing the chi that you gain after leaving the womb that generated by breathing, eating, sleeping, and normal exercise, whereas pre-birth practices focus on generating the chi that you receive from the cosmic forces whilst in the womb. This pre-birth chi is incredibly strong and s responsible for giving a body abundant health and flexibility. When these pre-birth exercises are used correctly they can be used to heal disease, make a weak person strong, to restore elasticity to old, hard or scar tissue and to return the body to the state of a new-born baby, with the control and understanding of an adult.

Walking the circle and repeatedly changing direction is the basic Ba Gua pre-birth chi practice and it is here that you tune into, open, heal, upgrade and strengthen all of your body's soft tissue, joints, fluids, organs, bones, systems, and sub systems.

This takes time, energy, and practise and how far one takes this work depends upon the individual's intelligence, commitment and the effort that he or she can give to this ancient and profound Art. It is considered an Art because you can never make a perfect movement-it can always be improved. Also, because to watch the continuous circling, spiralling movements is a pleasure to the eyes."

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  1. Part of the Mandala Therapy is

    Walking the Mandala

    Walking ...

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