Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feedback from Readers in June 2006

"I was so happy to read your walking meditation. I wrote to my sweetie to get him to go outside and walk. That writing made me remember. My garden is awake but I have a few problematic areas from a bad wind storm. I never give up even when adversity comes. I have to place a few annuals to cover the spots until things heal. Thank you for your thought-provoking website. It inspires me to write and observe my garden more."
- Anetta Barnes, 6/1/06

"And while I'm throwing a whole lot of the world's most glorious things at you, I will tell you that one of my favorite websites to stroll through is Michael Garofalo's Spirit of Gardening, which has a lot to say about complexity and simplicity."
- Lisa Schamess, The Truth Hurts, 6/5/06

"This is the best collection of quality quotes I have ever seen! It has great related links too. I appreciate the vegetarian quotes since I have been a vegetarian since the age of 13. This is my second year as a gardener. I have an herb garden with 12 herbs that are flourishing and a vegetable garden. I'm looking forward to exploring more of your sites."
- Yvonne Bergeron, 6/4/2006

"I like your website. It is so nice that you already have the Taijiquan Camp information on it. I am going to pass that to my Qi Dragon people to read about our recent camp."
- Liping Julia Zhu, 6/20/2006

"No suggestions. Just writing to say.... Wow! What an exhaustive list you've compiled! I am studying Qigong and T'ai Chi in Portland, OR, with a deeply Taoist teacher, and it has changed my life in many ways. My teacher is leaving to go live in a monastery in China, returning actually. So, I am curious who else is out there teaching, and it's a lot! I don't think I'll easily find another teacher so steeped in the deep mysticism of taoism, so I may simply practice and practice and when the right teacher is there....I'll find them. Anyway, just want to express my gratitude to you for putting so much information in one place. You seem like a good man!"
- Benno Lyon, 6/16/06

"Hello Mike, Greetings again from Portland, OR. Just used one of your delightful quotes as a footnote for our condo community veg garden emails I just sent out. I did a search on your site and could not find one of my favourite little poems, though it may be there. So, I thought to share it. Planting One for the mouse One for crow. One to rot, One to grow."
As always, grateful thanks for the wonderful website to browse, I spend hours just reading and enjoying. Hope you had a good visit to Portland to see your children earlier this spring. My husband and I are transplants from South Africa and thoroughly enjoying our NW gardening experience. Best to you, Terese."
- Terese, 6/19/2006

"I wish you had been around back in 1972, I might have stuck with Taijiquan. Now I'm having to start all over. Very good website! Thanks."
- James Moore, 6/21/06

"Your website is excellent. It is a great feeling to find someone like yourself who values Chinese cultural practices so much."
- Master Xiansheng Bing YeYoung, Sacramento, CA, 6/27/06

The Spirit of Gardening

Cloud Hands: T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung

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