Wednesday, June 28, 2006

George Xu's Tai Chi Chuan Camp 2006 Photographs

Photos of the 2006 Taijiquan and Qigong Camp in La Honda, California, June 13-18th, are now available online, thanks to Peter Hicks, at Yahoo Photos.

I reported on this camp previously in this blog.

Taijiquan Camp 2006

Master Yun Yin Sen leads our group in practicing Li He Ba Fa Taijiquan (Six Harmonies and Eight Methods).

Taijiquan Camp 2006
Master George Xu, Mike Garofalo, Master Yun Yin Sen.


  1. Such a contrast in the last picture!

    That kind of picture would have been inthinkable just 100 years ago.

    Long live harmony

  2. Wonderful photographs. Wish to see more pictures of tai chi postures.

    You might want to visit my Tai Chi Blog, or you might prefer not to....

  3. Many pictures were taken of students, teachers, and Master Teachers. Everyone had a wonderful time sharing photos of our camp.

    Peter Hicks also placed many other photos of this challenging, informative and fun summer camp online.