Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well Pump Installed

On Sunday, Karen and I worked together and finished the installation
of the new low yield Shurflo pump in the new well. 
We set up a work table near the pump for installation work. 
The well casing is behind me to the right.

We lowered the pump down to about 80 feet below ground level. 
The static water level of this well is 46 feet below ground level.
The well is 126 feet deep. 
Final result: 1.4285 gallons per minute outflow.  This steady flow of water will add about 2,057 gallons of water each full 24 hour day into our small ponds.  When the two ponds are full, we pump water out of them to irrigate our many trees and shrubs.   
The pump is now temporarily running off a converter lowering voltage to 24 volts DC at 2.5 amps.  Next weekend, I will assemble and connect the solar panels that will run the well pump.  The solar panels will provide power to pump 800-1400 gallons per day depending upon the season.   

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