Saturday, September 08, 2012

Begin It!

Today, Karen and I will work in the herb garden.  We will clean and cultivate a large area and improve the walkway in the center.  We will be planting onions and garlic in this area.  Today we begin preparing for our "Winter" garden.  In addition, we will make a corn dolly and harvest many gourds and pumpkins for ornamental displays. 

"Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it; boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it."
- Goethe

"A callused palm and dirty fingernails precede a Green Thumb"
-  Michael Garofalo  

"Construct your determination with Sustained Effort, Controlled Attention, and Concentrated Energy.  Opportunities never come to those who wait... they are captured by those who dare to attack."
-  Paul J. Meyer

Viriya Paramita: energy, diligence, vigor, effort, striving, manliness


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