Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day of the Apple

Autumnal Equinox Celebrations (Mabon, Harvest Home, Alban Elfed, Apple Feast): Quotes, Resources, Lore, Poetry

One Old Druid's Final Journey:  Notebooks of the Librarian of Gushen Grove

September Lore

October Lore

"The quest for wisdom was realized by pursuing the white doe (as the blue roebuck) under a wild Apple tree.   In the Welsh Câd Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees), the Apple is described as the noblest tree of them all, the tree that symbolized poetic immortality.   The Apple Tree is closely linked to Druids, in their aspect as magicians and shamans."In Druid lore, the essence of three sacred apples growing on the Tree of Knowledge came from three drops that fell from Cerridwen's cauldron, which correspond with the Druid's most holy symbol, the Three Rays of Light."   Bards (poets) and Ovates (shamans) carried apple branches, (with bronze, silver, or gold bells), called the Craobh Ciuil (Branch of Reason) as symbols of their office.   Pulling the Ogham stave Quert is a mandate to rest and heal yourself from strife, illness, fatigue, or injury. It is an invitation to regain your sense of wholeness and connection with nature. Associated with the holy isle of Avalon, the apple represents rest and healing, recovery, and a peaceful relaxing Otherworld journey to the magical isle.  Within the Apple Branch you are invited to work with "the divine madness of the shaman." It calls you to journey to the Otherworld by its many names - Avalon, Avallach, Tir na Og, Eamhain Abhlach. Apple also represents the spiritual warrior who fears not to travel beyond the mortal realm to face death, sacrifice, and hardship, in order to benefit his or her tribe. The apple branch represents shelter and protection on these intense shamanic journeys."
The Apple Branch in the Dianic Tradition 

May your apples be sweet
May your autumn harvest be ample
May peace and prosperity fill your days
Aum Tara Tuttara Ture Svaha

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