Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pulling Onions Again

"Keep moving― just like a cyclist that must keep pedaling and moving to avoid falling down. 
The act, the deed, the doing is the primary consideration. 
Ordinary reality is good enough for most sensible people; a "higher" calling is answered by few. 
Don't be misled by "higher" and "lower"; higher is not better than lower. 
Willpower stands at the edge of three states: compulsions, habits, and novel adaptations. 
I believe in "God"; I just spell it "Fiction."   
Mother Earth favors cyclic times, Father Time favors linear time. 
Poetic imagination turns light into Divine Light.  
Create your own garden, the god's certainly won't.   
No garden lasts for long - neither will you. 
Gardening forces you to slow down and savor contemplation.
Gardening tempts you to look, again and again, until the novel is seen.
Failing to plan is often a surefire plan for failure.  
Failure is part of the cost of experimental gardening.  
Good fences make good gardens. 
Gardening leads us to embody our minds.   
From strong desires great values are born. 
Shoveling dirt, the ecstasy sweated away.

Our presence defines our niche.  
Shade, in the summer, is as precious as a glass of water. 
A gardener is no farmer, he is much too impractical. 
We get things done when there is little time left. 
Time creeps, walks, runs, and flies – it is all about moving things. 
What I make of the garden depends on how close I stand to it. 
Chaos breaks its own rules to allow Order to play.
Take life with a grain of salt, and a icy margarita.  
Some flourish when crowded together, others don't."
-  Mike Garofalo 

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