Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Gardening in the Month of July

July - Quotes, Poems, Sayings for Gardners

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High Summer Feast Day, August 1st

July Gardening Chores 
For Red Bluff, California, USDA Zone 9

Water plants: take advantage of cool morning hours, use daytime shade.
Water plants deeply and less frequently.
Water potted plants carefully on very hot days.
Mow lawns, but don't mow low. 
Mulch and compost: straw, cuttings, leaves, twigs, chips, shredded paper, garbage.
Water compost pile areas. 
Manage cutworms and other garden pests.
Weed around vegetables and shrubs. 
Plant for autumn vegetable crops. 
Use straw mulch to help control weeds and cool soil.
Maintenance on lawn mowing equipment.
Pick and save or eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
Dry fruit in sun. 
Water plants.  Use irrigation ditch water efficiently and effectively. 
Get up early to work in the cool morning hours. 
Thin out excess fruit on trees.
Mulch with straw, chips, compost. 
Train vines on support structures. 
Read, listen to music, relax and sleep in the shade.
Tend to and enjoy annuals in bloom. 


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