Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to Normal Routines

We visited with family and friends in California in Carlsbad (near San Diego), Downey near Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead near San Bernardino, and in Northern California.  We toured Northern California and Oregon up to Portland.  We drove 2,700 miles from July 5th until August 15th. 

I return to my part-time work for the Corning Union Elementary School District on Monday, August 19th.  Karen has part-time work with the TCDE, starting August 19th.

Busy with gardening and home improvement projects.

I taught 3 classes of yoga and 2 of tai chi this past week.  My last Tuesday (8/13) yoga class had 23 people.  I'm going to add and do more standing poses in yoga class. 

Doing some unique physical training since August 7th.  

Have not worked on my Tao Te Ching webpages since last June.  I am about 65% completed for the Phase 4 and final project.   

I am practicing the Eight Immortals Cane Form, Part I, in the Yang Style, created by Master Jesse Tsao.   

Using a new NETGEAR N600 router at home.  Researching replacements for my seven year old Gateway computer running Windows XP and Office 2003.  The Dell Inspiron 660s for $479 looks appealing for my computing needs and interests.  I assume it will operate on Windows 8. 

I need to water my gardens this evening.  It is 95F this afternoon. 


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